Panel Elektro - Electrical panel manufacturers in the Turkish market
About Us
panel elektro sanayi ve ticaret a.�., founded in Istanbul in 1983, is among the leading electrical panel manufacturers in the Turkish market, continuing to manufacture with a large product range that is continuously developed and broadened.
panel elektro's primary principle is adherence to quality and standards and producing the most suitable solution for the application.


Our design method, factory assembled production (FAP) principle, meets all requirements of electric distribution, control and monitoring.

  • Modular
  • Factory assembled production
  • Compliance to standards
  • Ease of application
  • Compatibility with different brands
  • Functional architecture
  • Robust construction
  • Maximum operation safety
  • High quality-price performance
  • Strong technical support
  • Continuous product development, R&D
  • IEC/EN 61439 Form 1 standard production
  • IEC/EN 61439 Form 2 - Form 4 production options


Project planning, the first step of electrical assembly, is carried out with ePLAN P8 software program in accordance with IEC/EN standards, and apart from the main functions provided by the software, all automatic functions including marking, cross-reference, terminal and cable plans are realized by our experienced project team.

Our project engineering and documentation activities create fast assembly economy by minimizing time and material loss that can come to being during field connections. This service that we provide to our clients is a superiority that identifies with our product quality.


Modular Power, MCC and Control Panels (EN61439 Form 1 - 4)
Logstrup Type Tested Withdrawable, Plug-in and Fixed Type Panels up to In=8500A
Power Control Centers
Motor Control Centers
Plug-in Capacitor Units
Automation Control Systems
Building Management Systems
MV-HV Control Centers
10-36kV Medium Voltage Modular Cubicles
Housing Estate Solutions; General and Flat Energy Distribution
Human Machine Interface
Signalling and Control Solutions, Mosaic Mimic Diagrams
Benseny Polycarbon Mimic Diagrams
RFID Solutions
Kiosk Access and Communication Stations
Panel Elektro
Company Profile
panel elektro sanayi ve ticaret a.�., founded in Istanbul in 1983, is among the leading electrical panel manufacturers in the Turkish market, continuing to manufacture with a large product range that is continuously developed and broadened.

The company, adopting the main principle of quality and the meeting of customer demands while conforming to standards, has maintained the use of technology and the constant improvement of production stands and thus has made a well deserved name in the market with its sector experience, setting an example for numerous local manufacturers.

panel elektro is known to possess superior know-how, engineering practices and product range to provide all sorts of industrial applications with its power distribution, motor control and automation panels.

Electrical panels are the indispensable products of industrial solutions and panel2000 is the most appropriate choice for all panel alternatives with its flexible and modular structure.

The product facilitates design through cabinet alternatives depending on the application and field of use, equipment assembly accessory support, and aesthetic structure suitable to architectural conditions.
Our Services
We produce for the below fields and sectors in accordance with your demands and international standards. Should you have applications for other fields, we can develop projects with you.
Fields of use                    

* Energy plants, Industrial control  
* Energy distribution centers            
* Energy management centers          
* Motor control  centers                      
* Capacitor banks, Harmonic filters          
* Lighting control and distribution              
* Local distribution and control                  
* Process control centers (PLC)               
* Distributed  I/O units                  
* Building management systems            
* MV- HV protection, control relay centers               
* Marshalling cabinets                   
* 19" network rack cabinets                       
* Energy and meter automation systems           
* Automatic cylinder filling and logistics automation   
* Special Solutions                      

* Energy-nuclear plants, wind power plants
* Factories, production areas
* Petrochemical facilities
* Iron and steel industry       
* Pharmaceutical factories
* Cement factories
* Chemical production facilities     
* Metallurgy, mining
* Hotels, holiday inns       
* Airports
* Smart buildings, shopping malls     
* Military bases
* Marine     
* Health facilities, hospitals
* Hosting centers
* Housing Estates
Personel Structure
As of 01 March 2012, panel elektro employs 47 full-time personnel. This number can be considered as being 53 personnel/month with the joining of our summer trainees.

The recruitment policy of the firm, "the right person for the right job at the right time" and the ongoing professional and personal development of the young personnel structure through constant on the job training and career improvement programs are at the core of the firm's policy and responsibilities towards its workforce.

personnel structure today displays an average age of 37, average education span of 10 years and an average work timespan of 12 years. Following is a breakdown of the human resources of panel elektro in various classifications :
A.   According to education level :
Vocational Highschool

:   4
:   7
:   12
:   8
:   16
B.    According to degree :
:   3
:   19
:   25
C.    According to function :
Top Management
Middle Management 
Technical Office
Administrative Support             
Functional Support  

:   2
:   3
:   9
:   26
:   3
:   4
D.    According to sex :
:   7
:   40
E.    According to age :
18 - 25    
26 - 35       
36 - 45      

:   6
:   15 
:   17
:   9
Our Facilities
panel elektro 's factory premises have a span of 5000 m² and include all operational and functional units, being our production and management headquarters.

Our building, encompassing R&D, Project Engineering, Production Planning, Metal Production, Mechanical and Electrical Assembly, Human Resources & Quality Management, Project Management & Engineering, Sales, Marketing and other management units, has all the necessary machinery and equipment and a high production capacity.

panel elektro, is also in the right location by means of logistics, in the developing Sancaktepe region of the Turkish trade and industry capital, Istanbul.