BENSENY � Mimic Diagrams
Indispensable solution for process monitoring:

  • High advantages of the polycarbonate film
  • Construction open to extension
  • Application variety and accessories support
  • High visual attributes and ergonomy

As the central control and automation systems become more widespread, operator � system dialogue problems have neccesitated mimic diagram solutions. Mimic diagrams have come into being because of the incapacity of the physical and ergonomic structures of computer monitors.

Benseny - Mimic Diagrams are products that complete complicated automation systems and enable ease of control. Film diagrams offer an efficient and ergonomic structure, as they can easily be applied to a panel�s door, to a control desk or to any required surface.

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BENSENY - Mimic Diagrams
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BENSENY - Mimic Diagrams
BENSENY - Mimic Diagrams
BENSENY - Mimic Diagrams