HMI products, enabling secure communication between the process and the operator/user in conventional or contemporary control systems, are various.

panel elektro, together with Benseny, offers integrated solutions in the mimic diagram production, the main product providing control system and operator dialogue, with polycarbonate film or mosaic mimic diagram alternatives.

Design wealth and options, the necessities of the projects, standards, aesthetic and ergonomic components are brought together in HMI products, becoming an inseparable part of our integrated solutions philosophy.

  • Command, Control Desks
  • DCS Control Operation Desks
  • Special Operator Desks
  • PC, Touchscreen Solutions
  • Policarbonate Film Mimic Diagrams
  • Mosaic Mimic Diagrams

As the central control and automation systems become widespread, the operator-system dialogue problems have brought about the necessity of mimic diagram solutions. Mimic diagrams have come to being due to the inadequacy of the physical and ergonomic structures of the computer monitors.

Benseny polycarbonate mosaic and film diagrams are products that complete developed automation systems and enable ease of control.
Film diagrams can easily be applied to a panel door, control console or any other surface due to their flexible polycarbonate structures, thus offering an efficient and ergonomic structure.

Indispensable solution for process monitoring:

  • High advantages of polycarbonate film
  • Superiority of modular mosaic diagram; enabling alterations
  • Structure enabling development and extension
  • Variety of applications and accessory support
  • High visualization and ergonomics
HMI Human Machine Interfaces
HMI - Human Machine Interfaces
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HMI - Human Machine Interfaces
HMI - Human Machine Interfaces
HMI - Human Machine Interfaces
HMI - Human Machine Interfaces